Our Services


CCFS is a leading high-profile business-event organizer in areas of trade and investment with significant expertise in a broad range of transactions. Our clients trust us to provide thoughtful, custom tailored solutions that help drive their expansion and financial goals. We pride ourselves with the ability to handle complex and highly confidential situations. CCFS is endowed with vast and deep experience in areas of business development across various market regions. We possess superior intellectual capital and unconventional market research capabilities. These qualities make CCFS a valued long-term strategic partner for our clients. Relying on the resources of our global network, we always ensure that our commitment to your success is unwavering and that your aspirations always come first.

At CCFS we provide expert solution in the areas of:

1. Infrastructure Financing for sovereign states (including PPP, bond financing, loans) in 

  • Telecommunications financing,
  • Transportation network financing  (including road, rail, water and air transport) 
  • Solar and hydro power supply financing,
  • Public utility financing (including health centers, universities, water and sanitation)  

2. We act as mandate for suppliers and buyers crude oil (on CIF, FOB, TTO and TTT basis). As a minimum, our crude oil suppliers provide 2% performance bond as well as verifiable evidence of past   deliveries in forms of Bill of Lading, Shipping Manifest, Charter Party Agreements, ATS and POP for the last five years,

3. Real estate finance and investment solution for residential and commercial property developers,

4. Funding and investment facilities for corporate organizations (including  equity financing, debt financing, credit line facility, joint venture, partnership), 

5. Business development loan,

6. Funding and credit restructuring facilities for sovereign states and their subsidiaries to finance state projects and mitigate budget deficits.


CCFS provides top quality research and training services for financial institutions (including Central Banks, commercial banks, insurance institutions and other financial services providers) around the globe on a wide area of finance and financial services. This frees your staff to concentrate on delivering top quality services to your clients, without losing sight of latest developments within the global financial markets. The trainings can be adapted to suit your specific needs and it is provided by top market practitioners with extensive knowledge and understanding of conceptual and practical needs.